• Tevfik Balcıoğlu is an Izmir-based academician.
  • He is a Professor of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Yaşar University, Faculty of Architecture. He is a graduate of Middle East Technical University Architecture Department (1970-6) and his doctorate is on design history writing (1993). He continued his career at the Royal College of Art, was a part-time lecturer at the Goldsmiths' College Design Master Degree Programme (1992), He founded and directed the Department of Three Dimensional Design and then a Doctorate programme at Kent Institute of Art (1993-2003). Balcıoğlu returned to Izmir upon invitation from Izmir Economy University and worked as dean until September 2011. Around that time he worked at Yaşar University and served as Vice Rector between 2012-15. 4T: Turkey Design History Society, originally founded in 2006 and organised annual symposiums since, was changed/re-formed as 4T: Design and Design History Society under the leadership of Balcıoğlu in 2014. He also continues his president role here. www.4t.org.tr Balcıoğlu bought and restored a 450 year-old Ottoman elementary school in Urla and working on the building to open it as a special design library also for public use.

  • Els Kuijpers is a Hauge-based critic, curator and academician.
  • Kuijpers was head of the research centre and editor academic publications at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht/Nl. She has lectured at several arts and design schools in the Netherlands and abroad, and has curated exhibitions for Kunsthal Rotterdam and Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven a.o. Currently she teaches (theory, discourse, history of) visual culture and design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, and co-conducts with Jan van Toorn Ba and Ma workshops on editorial design – recently for LCC London/UK, HfG Karlsruhe/De, PXL MAD Hasselt/Be. She writes regularly for design magazines and weeklies and is author of Ootje Oxenaar: Designer and Commissioner (2011); And/or Extended (2013); Strategies in Communication Design (2015). Kuijpers’ PhD research is titled ‘The politics of design: the liberating potential of communication design in post/modern times – Towards a critical methodology in communication design’.

  • Sinan Niyazioğlu is an Istanbul-based graphic design historian, visual archive specialist of printed media and academician.
  • He is director of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Graphic Design Application and Research Center, Vice President of Graphic Design Department and Fine Arts Faculty Member. He teaches History of Graphic Design, Design Literature in the undergraduate programme and Media Reading in the PhD programme. He has taught as guest lecturer at Vienna State Academy of Fine Arts (2010), Burg Giebichenstein Halle Design Faculty (2013) and Fachhochschule Augsburg Design Faculty (2007, 2014). International Symposiums on Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS 2014 Lisbon and ICDHS 2016 Taipei Symposiums, Yaşar University, 4T: Design and Historical Society Symposiums (2014, 2015, 2016) and Grafika Balkana: Graphic Arts History and Studies 2015 Symposium Science Committee Member. He is a member of the organization committee of Grafist International Istanbul Graphic Design Days event organized by MSFAU Graphic Design Department.

  • Emre Senan is an Istanbul-based designer and lecturer.
  • Born in 1954 in Konya. He is a graduate of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, School of Applied Industrial Arts, Graphic Design Department. He joined the academic life as an assistant at the same academy. Resigned after YÖK (Higher Education Board) legislation was passed. Since 1980, he has been a professional designer and animator. He was a board member and chairman of The Turkish Graphic Designers Association and The Turkish Animators Association. He participated in solo and group exhibitions. He has won many awards in graphic design, animation and cartoon competitions both in Turkey and abroad. His works were exhibited and accepted in a number of museums in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Iran, Australia, Czech Republic, France and Korea. In 2005, he returned to university and led workshops and gave seminars in domestic and foreign educational institutions. In 2005, He founded the Emre Senan Design Foundation (ESTV) with Prof. Ayşegül Izer, started the non-profit Yahşibey Design Workshop Project and he created/established the website called www.yahsibeyworkshops.com Currently he teaches at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Graphic Design as a project advisor.

  • Bethany is a London-based designer and design educator.
  • She holds a BA in Typography & Graphic Communication and an MA in Narrative Environments. Starting her career in information design, at Information Design Unit in the UK, an interest in how people engage with design in everyday life led her to practice across a range of areas; from branding to experience design for urban environments, wayfinding, and interpretive design for exhibitions. Bethany teaches on the multidisciplinary MA Narrative Environments course in the Spatial Practices programme at Central Saint Martins (CSM), University of the Arts London; and is also a visiting lecturer on MA Innovation Management at CSM and MA Information Design in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading.


    Postgraduate and Undergraduate

    Tevfik Balcıoğlu, Yaşar University

    Els Kuijpers, Royal Academy of Art the Hague

    Sinan Niyazioğlu, MSFAU

    Emre Senan, MSFAU

    Bethany Shepherd, Central Saint-Martins

    3 May 2017, 09.30

  • MSFAU Sedad Hakkı Eldem Auditorium, Findikli, Istanbul


    Postgraduate and Undergraduate

    Tevfik Balcıoğlu, Yaşar University

    Els Kuijpers, Royal Academy of Art the Hague

    Sinan Niyazioğlu, MSFAU

    Emre Senan, MSFAU

    Bethany Shepherd, Central Saint-Martins


    Tevfik Fikret Uçar, Anadolu University

    3 May 2017, 14.00

  • MSFAU Sedad Hakkı Eldem Auditorium, Findikli, Istanbul



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    • Grafist 21 is organized Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department.
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    • Grafist 21 is organized with the collaboration of GMK / The Turkish Graphic Designers Association.
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    Rector of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

      Prof. Yalçın Karayağız

    Head of the Graphic Design Department and Organizing Committee

      Prof. Ayşegül İzer

    President of GMK

      Umut Südüak

    Project Manager

      Sadık Karamustafa

    Organizing Committee

    • Ayşegül İzer, Başak Ürkmez, Burcu Dündar Venner,
    • Can Ateşgüneş, Çetin Tüker, Ebru Üstüner Aytoğ,
    • Melis Tuncay, Sadık Karamustafa, Selen Başer Nejat, Semra Güler,
    • Sinan Niyazioğlu, Tuğçe İşçi, Umut Südüak

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    • Didem Özbek
    • Muhammet Enes Niş

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    • Emre Senan
    • T. Melih Görgün

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      Melis Tuncay

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